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A community of volunteer editors collaboratively edit, update and add wikipedia women to democratize access to a common and constantly updating collection of knowledge. But as with any democracy, results are determined by those who choose to participate.

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Who edits Wikipedia — and the biases they carry with them — matters. What we choose to edit wikipedia women informed by what we know — not only in terms of our scientific expertise, but also from our own lived experiences.

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Wikipedia women women and people in other under-represented groups in science, that knowledge includes an intimate understanding wikipedia women how our contributions are downplayed or outright erased from the history of science. The Wikipedia community should reflect the populations it serves — in bare bottom women, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation.

The Wikipediz National Science Foundation has invested money to understand and bridge the gender gap on Wikipedia, and we are hopeful that more efforts to better recognize the contributions of all other wikipedia women groups will follow.

InEmily Wikipedia women, an humboldt county swingers student at Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois, began to write biographies of women in science onto Wikipedia.

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Wikipedia women the time, she was pushing back against systematic biases against women in the sciences, writing biographies after her biology classes despite harassing e-mails from online trolls.

WikiProjects are organizations of groups of contributors who work together to improve Wikipedia.

These projects have a long-lasting impact on the quantity and quality of pages. Before wikipedia women WikiProject Women Scientists, wikipedia women quality of an average Wikipedia biography about a woman was generally rated significantly worse than most other pages on the encyclopaedia. Now, biographies of women are generally rated more highly than other pages on the site.

So often, we hear that girls in science need more role models wikipedia women inspiration. So we respectfully disagree.

In , a survey found that less than 13% of Wikipedia contributors worldwide were women. The free online encyclopedia that “anyone can. Dedicated edit-a-thons have been organized to increase the coverage of women's topics in Wikipedia and. Welcome to Women in Red (WiR), a WikiProject whose objective is to turn " redlinks" into blue ones. That's why we are called "Women in Red". We recognized a.

There are plenty of role models if you do the work to find. A Wikipedia biography can give a scientist credibility: With a Wikipedia biography, scientists can become a wikipedia women more human than they are on a university website — complete with their public engagement, wikipedia women stories wikioedia out-of-office-hours experiences.

Editing Wikipedia is easy, free and rewarding. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection, a Wikipedia account and wikipedia women bunch of neutral, reliable sources, along with a couple of hours to spare.

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Pick a biography you wikipedia women from elsewhere in Wikipedia wikippedia copy the structure, using sections to separate education, research and awards. Be bold, but not reckless.

Wikipedia women

Then there are wikipedia women differences in conflict styles. But, as Bear and Collier write in their paper, when women do get caught wikipedia women in conflict, they tend to feel greater levels of emotional exhaustion, anxiety, cardiovascular reactivity, and negative immune response than men.

Dedicated edit-a-thons have been organized to increase the coverage of women's topics in Wikipedia and. In , a survey found that less than 13% of Wikipedia contributors worldwide were women. The free online encyclopedia that “anyone can. We track lots of areas connected with Women+Wikipedia. Some of these include new articles, articles posted in the Did you know? section of Wikipedia's main.

Moreover, when women express anger, they tend to be wikipedia women more than men would be; when they assert themselves, they face more backlash ; and they tend to be judged more harshly for wioipedia mistakes. But the researchers wrote that they can help us understand it.

Britannica is more balanced in whom it neglects to cover. And others have found biases in the representation of female scientists wikipedia women novelists on the site.

Why Do So Few Women Edit Wikipedia?

Wikipedia women tech companies are starting to take this seriously, and the issue has not been lost on the Wikimedia Foundation. Over the years, wikipwdia has been working on shrinking the gender gap among contributors and making the editing process less aggressive.

It created a Gender Gap Task Force, built in ways for editors to express gratitude and give positive feedback on the site, organized in-person wikippedia, and launched initiatives like the Teahouse, which trained new editors, and the Inspire Campaign, which awarded grants to 16 projects trying to improve gender diversity and representation on the Wikimedia sites.

Recognizing the problem of online harassment on its sites, the Foundation is also focusing more wikipedia women reducing wikupedia.

One projectfor example, is exploring the use of automated tools to help administrators detect and mediate conflicts earlier. A third Inspire Wikipedis, this time targeting wikipedia women, is also planned to launch in June, according to Maggie Dennis, interim director wikipedia women the Community Engagement department at Wikimedia.

Mentorship programs and training volunteer leaders to manage issues as they happen have also been wikipedia women. There are a number of other ways to make Wikipedia a better place for contributors and for readers — from narrowing the Internet skills gap among men and women to bringing in wikipediia diverse voices from around wikipedia women world. Of course, changing a deep-seated culture is never easy, but paying attention wikipedia women what drives people away is one place to start.