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Legend has it that Jewish girls who didn't make the cut for the elite and SDT — AKA Slutty Dumpy Trolls — was the house for AEPhi rejects. Orthodox Jewish woman told her long wigs are 'slutty' saying: "Go drown yourself in a lake — you're negatively influencing young girls". I dont know many jewish girls, but the few that i do don't even care that i and jewish girls arent more slutty than any other ethnicity, anyone.

Jewish American Princess a stuck up, gils, or spoiled jewish girl note: Also, some non-jewish people may be referred to as JAPS because of their attitude. Slutty jewish girls girl is so stuck up-shes a J.

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Look at that J. Mac, DiorChanel, Lancome, Nars.

Can be intelligent or be a complete dumbass. On occasion, JAPS will try and convince the slutty jewish girls people to conform to their lifestyle, claiming that they "only want to help you.

VERY classless. JAPS act like sluts among their peers, throwing themselves at every Jewish guy who's willing to get head.

They will brag about how far they've gone and criticize those who prefer taking things slow. However, Jewish slutty jewish girls will occasionally force their sons into marrying a JAP to "maintain a fully Jewish heritage.

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Personal Life: Almost all JAPS have very shady personal lives. It could pertain to family slutty jewish girls ugly divorce, father a joe hedgefund or joe law type is sleeping with a much-younger shiksadeath of mother.

Some JAPS prefer sports, others prefer musical theater this is very rare thoughshopping parties slutty jewish girls sex are religions. Free bbw date of these camps are in the Poconos in Pennslyvania. Now that you've met all of the specifications, congradu-fucking-lations you are now a J. Jewish American Princess ; An upper slutty jewish girls Jewish woman whose sole purpose is to acquire designer clothing.

That J. Japs unknown. Offensive word towards the Japanese ; often used towards Japanese-Americans, Otherwise ethnically Japanese.

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A chicago term for snapping on. It means to have a heated argument with another person. Man, I just japped on.

Don't maake me jap on you. They are usually in Honors. I'm not a jap!!

JAPS unknown. Jewish American Princess.

Usually wlutty eh Northeast and like the majority of the children of Jews, her parents are well off. There is no way in the world she would be seen without her new " Loui " bag slutty jewish girls if she was wearing sweatpants. Usually drives a Bimer or other like cars.

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