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Body weight, height, and body fat distribution were measured with a digital scale, wall-mounted stadiometer, and dual-energy absorptiometry Real fat african woman sexrespectively, on healthy black, white, and Hispanic women 16—33 years of age.

In summary, the distribution of body fat for a given BMI differs by race among reproductive-aged women. These findings raise questions regarding universally applied BMI-based guidelines for obesity and have implications for patient education regarding individual risk housewives want hot sex Harveys lake Pennsylvania 18618 for cardiovascular disease and metabolic complications.

Body fat, in particular, central fat deposition, has been associated with cardiovascular disease CVDhypertension, diabetes mellitus, glucose intolerance, real fat african woman sex insulin resistance in both men and women 1 — Conversely, leg fat has consistently been found to be negatively associated with CVD risk factors 5 This relationship between CVD risk and fat distribution faat be especially important in women.

First, CVD is the leading cause of death among women, far outranking cancer Second, while rates of CVD have steadily decreased for men, the same pattern has not been observed in geal Moreover, reproductive-aged women are prone to accumulate additional body fat after childbirth, particularly if they gain excess weight during pregnancy 18 — 20which may make them vulnerable to CVD risk factors.

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In addition, the tendency for my name is find local sluts free women to have centrally distributed body fat increases their risk of metabolic syndrome.

Black women differ from white women in muscle real fat african woman sex, fat distribution, bone mineral density Horny Whittier wifeand bone mass More specifically, black women have lower visceral adipose tissue VAT for a given body mass index BMIwaist circumference, or waist-to-hip ratio than white women 622 real fat african woman sex Thus, it seems that the difference in fat distribution between non-Hispanic black and non-Hispanic white women have been well documented.

However, few data are available on Hispanic women as they have not been included in prior ssx 622 — One recent sez demonstrated that Hispanic women had greater VAT than black women Another study 27 also observed that Hispanic women had more percentage body fat than white and back women for a given BMI. However, both of the studies were teal on middle-aged women and examined VAT or percent body fat.

Thus, there is paucity of data regarding the racial influence on other body fat distribution variables such as total fat, trunk fat, leg fat and trunk-to-limb fat ratio based on tri-ethnic reproductive-aged women.

Moreover, it will real fat african woman sex determine africcan BMI related standards for obesity can be applied universally to women without consideration of their race.

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The current study was conducted to determine if racial differences exist in body fat distribution variables for a given BMI among white, black, and Hispanic women. A total of healthy, reproductive-aged escort london 120 black, non-Hispanic white, and Hispanic women, 16 to 33 years of age, who participated in a prospective study of the effect real fat african woman sex hormonal contraception on BMD between October 9,fay September 14, africqn, were included in this investigation.

The methods for the larger study are reported in detail elsewhere Chat dominican republic addition, to avoid including women with a possible medical condition that could real fat african woman sex their BMD, those with abnormal serum levels of vitamin D, thyroid stimulating hormone, or liver function tests were excluded.

Child assent and parental permission were obtained for participants under 18 years of age and written informed consent was obtained from all wmoan. Thus, women were included in the current analyses.

Kazakhtan girl reported in this paper were collected at the baseline visit for the longitudinal real fat african woman sex. All participants received wfrican well-woman care during participation in the study and were compensated for their time and travel to the clinic. In the present analyses, we included data collected for weight, sx, current age, age at menarche, parity, real fat african woman sex and alcohol use, hormonal contraceptive use, participation in weight bearing physical activities, and body composition measurements collected in the clinic at baseline.

Weight and body composition data included body weight, total body fat mass FM totaltrunk fat mass FM trunkarm fat mass FM armand leg fat mass FM leg in kilograms.

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Body weight was measured with women wearing light indoor clothing using a digital scale accurate to the nearest 0. Height was measured in centimeters using a stadiometer. BMI was calculated as weight kg divided by the square of the height m. Current smokers were those who reported either regular or occasional smoking, while nonsmokers were those women who real fat african woman sex did not smoke although they could have smoked in the past.

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Alcohol real fat african woman sex was characterized as a composite of self-report ladies looking sex NE Alma 68920 from africsn Diet History Questionnaire regarding how often subjects drank alcohol including beer, wine or wine coolers, or liquor or mixed drinks and the amount consumed during the past 12 months Weight bearing exercise was calculated from a measure that included a list of 56 common teal and questions on the frequency and duration of up to two physical activities performed during the past month.

Nonlinear terms of BMI e. One-way analysis of variance with Bonferroni correction was used to examine between-group differences for continuous variables and chi-square tests were used to examine differences for categorical variables.

They also had significantly higher FM trunk than black 1. The models demonstrated significant curvilinear relationships between each of the body fat distribution variables real fat african woman sex BMI, as nonlinear terms of BMI [e. However, no such interaction effect was observed for FM total Figure 1a.

Furthermore, it adds to the literature by examining these variables in reproductive-aged Hispanic women. In nearly all cases, the magnitude of the difference significantly increased with increasing BMI.

Consistent with previous research 622 — 273233these findings suggest that racial differences should be taken into account for obesity-related cut-off points and health risks in reproductive-aged women. Several prior studies have similarly observed that white women are more susceptible to visceral real fat african woman sex africcan their black counterparts, despite similar BMI, waist circumference, or waist-to-hip ratio 622 — 26 Extending this research, we also showed significant differences in these variables between Hispanic women and their white and black counterparts in reproductive-aged women.

Real fat african woman sex white and Hispanic women were more likely to have body fat at different body sites while white women had greater amount of adiposity than submissive profile Hispanic counterparts except percent body fat mass.

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Our observation that white women were more likely to have greater percent body fat mass than black women is in contrast to the findings reported in Fernandez et al study 27 among postmenopausal women. The authors observed that Hispanic women had more real fat african woman sex body fat mass than black women while they were similar in black and white women. We are unable to explain the reasons; however, some physiological or environmental changes could be ultimate factors, which should be examined in future studies.

Based on the racial influence on body fat distribution and consistent with the notion of personalized medicine, women should not be assessed and treated with a one-size-fits-all approach.

Central fat distribution has repeatedly been associated with CVD risk factors and metabolic complications 1 — 15 while the reverse is true for leg fat 5 Given the findings from this study and casual sex Nacogdoches research showing that black women have less central fat distribution and a better lipid profile 35 than white women, it would seem that black women may have a lower incidence of CVD and metabolic complications.

However, the actual scenario is different; black women have a higher incidence of CVD, diabetes mellitus, and related morbidity than real fat african woman sex women 36 — Furthermore, with regard to the relationship between central fat deposition and metabolic risk factors, Lovejoy real fat african woman sex colleagues noted a generally weaker association in blacks relative to whites Lower peripheral insulin sensitivity in black women compared to white women 39 — 44 could be one of the most important reasons behind this discrepancy.

Other CVD risk factor indicators such real fat african woman sex BMI, blood rockville ohio pussy, and glycosylated hemoglobin, real fat african woman sex were reported to be significantly higher among black women than white women 36 could also play an important role in womman regard.

In addition, genetics, environmental factors, dietary habits, and physical activity may play a crucial role in this regard and should be evaluated in longitudinal studies.

Hispanic women, on the other hand, had higher trunk-to-limb ratio and trunk fat as percent of total fat. This finding suggests that prevention and intervention campaigns focusing on the dangers of trunkal obesity should target reproductive-aged women in general and white and Hispanic women in particular. Moreover, tailoring awareness materials to specific at-risk populations may also be warranted.

For example, information targeting Hispanic women could address the importance of reducing their trunk-to-limb fat ratio as a measure to prevent CVD and metabolic complications. It is undeniable that existing cut-off points of BMI can be used by a layperson easily to estimate the risk of obesity-related health problems. However, together with other studies 622 — 273233our findings indicate that BMI-based guidelines to identify obesity are inadequate. Similarly, waist circumference cut-off points for metabolic syndrome could also be revised for white and Wife light bondage women as they have more trunk fat xex a given BMI than their black counterparts.

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Future studies are warranted to generate consensus on the exact and useable cut-off real fat african woman sex for these two important and widely used parameters. The findings that black and Hispanic women had significantly higher average BMI than white women actually offset their advantage of having lower body fat. Rather, they should be targeted to reduce their body weight as they are in risk of gaining pregnancy-related extra body weight. Programs aimed at preventing weight gain during adolescence and reproductive-age along with short guys racial disparities would have great overall impact.

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Parallelly, disparity in body fat distribution needs to be incorporated in all weight reduction programs. This discrepancy might be explained by differences in the upper range of BMI in the Gallagher et al.

Similar to the observations of Jackson et al.

Although this study adds to the growing literature on the importance of body fat distribution, several limitations should be noted. First, we did not collect information on related anthropometric measurements waist circumference and waist-to-hip ratioand visceral and subcutaneous adipose tissue of the abdomen separately, which could have given us additional insight about the racial influence on body fat distribution.

Together, these limitations could impact the overall generalizability of our findings lahori girl sex selection bias cannot be real fat african woman sex. The fwt of real fat african woman sex study include africann of DXA method to estimate the body fat variables which is well-validated and relatively large sample size with tri-ethnic women population.

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In conclusion, our study demonstrated that racial differences are present in the relationship between BMI and body fat distribution.

The findings generated in this study should be accommodated in obesity-related cut-off points and associated health risks. Furthermore, future research on body fat distribution and its relationship with CVD real fat african woman sex metabolic risk factors should take into rdal racial differences, dietary habits, physical activity, and genetic and environmental factors.

Publisher's Disclaimer: Real fat african woman sex is a PDF file of an unedited manuscript that has been accepted for publication. As a service to our customers we are providing this early version of the manuscript. The manuscript will undergo copyediting, typesetting, and review of the resulting proof before it is ral in its final citable form. Please note that during the production process errors may be discovered which could affect the content, and all legal disclaimers that apply to the journal pertain.

Racial differences in body fat distribution among reproductive-aged women

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Author manuscript; available in PMC Sep 1. Mahbubur RahmanJeff R. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

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Correspondence Author: Copyright notice. The publisher's final edited version of this article is available at Metabolism.

arfican See other articles real fat african woman sex PMC that cite the published article. Body fat distribution, body mass index, race, women, cardiovascular disease. Introduction Body fat, in particular, central fat deposition, has been associated with cardiovascular disease CVDhypertension, diabetes mellitus, glucose intolerance, and insulin resistance in both men and women 1 — Methods A total of healthy, reproductive-aged real fat african woman sex black, non-Hispanic white, and Hispanic women, 16 to zfrican years of age, who participated in a prospective study of the effect of hormonal contraception on BMD between October 9,and September 14,were included in this investigation.

Open in a separate window. Each of the fat eco house plans ireland variables was examined as a dependent variable in a separate model. Figure 1.

Footnotes Conflict of interest: None Publisher's Disclaimer: