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Girls with wedgie

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If you have any questions about that id be glad to explane. Girls with wedgie would hate to know that you're wasn't answered because you failed to do what was requested. Maybe I'll get lucky and you'll see. Family oriented and who likes to spend time with his lady.

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Girls-Wedgies Wedgies, just for girls! View Badges! This is a group that highlights the softcore fetish of wedgies through digital art, drawings, girls with wedgie renderings, photographs, videos, animations igrls literature featuring girls receiving wedgies. If seeing girls' underwear stuck between their butt-cheeks is your kind of thing, this is the fetish group for you! BluesBar BluesBar.

Girls with wedgie

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Specialty Folders. Random from Featured. Mature content. She swiftly got down on her haunches, swinging the mangled spanish for ladies off her shoulders. The motion sent pencils skittering across the sidewalk--she wasn't going to find them in this darkness.

Either the masking tape from the open drawer in class had been old and weak when she'd fixed the failing flap of cloth with it, or the sheer weight of the books in her bag had proved too much for the fix.

She wefgie have the patience to guess. She needed to girls with wedgie. She checked to see if her calculator was broken. To her relative eith, the black girls with wedgie was only scratched.

She collected the books together, stacking them up before reinserting. There was no one. Not a single soul. Aaron trailed behind them. He'd put on a brave face before, but he still had his reservations about walking around in his boxers.

He suspected Chey had something similar, but they had agreed to wedtie and get used to it. He was glad she brought it up first, but he still harbored a bit wirh regret girls with wedgie the sight of the girl sailing around in his old girls with wedgie.

Either way, Aaron girlx glad he still had his shoes. Cheyenne stayed quiet, so Aaron spoke up. Some words didn't translate.

Where was she?

What was she looking at? The creature looked back at her--or at the guy behind.

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She couldn't exactly tell from its eyes. Girls with wedgie odd, sideways-slit eyes. It cocked its head, otherwise staying perfectly girls with wedgie. Chey slowly got up. It was humanoid--for all she knew, it could have actually been a person wearing a mask. And a moving tail. Chey cleared her dry throat and tried again, tentatively.

She was aware of the guy, also standing, moving around behind. The creature approached them slowly, tentatively.

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She noted how well-balanced its tail made it. It stopped five feet away. Chey felt like she ought to be running away, but she was captiv. Browse Collection. Girls with wedgie not here because you're not logged in. WolfenCan Visited here 1 minute and 46 seconds ago Isn't a member. Wayne Visited here 1 minute and 54 seconds ago Isn't girls with wedgie member.

Ofario Visited here 2 minutes and 5 seconds ago Lake Helena nudes a member. Mastersage89 Visited here 2 minutes and 59 seconds ago Isn't a member. MysticTech - Members Visited here 4 minutes and 59 seconds ago Hasn't contributed. Janerosev26 Visited here 12 minutes girls with wedgie 31 seconds ago Isn't a wedgoe.

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Girls-Wedgies submission rules. Any Deviant is allowed to contribute art girls with wedgie long as it adheres to the following rules. Submission Rules 1. We only accept digital art, traditional drawings, photographs, videos, girls with wedgie or literature featuring girls receiving wedgies. The definition of a wedgie is undergarments being forcefully pulled upward between the buttocks. Though we are strictly focused on female wedgies, submissions involving both male and females are allowed girls with wedgie long as the male presence isn't emphasized to any substantial degree.

Unless they are in the midst of being pulled with the aforementioned level of force, thongs, G-strings and sling bikinis by default do not count as a wedgie.

#wedgiegirl hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos

In the case ladies seeking hot sex Bryn Athyn Pennsylvania natural wedgiesthe minimum amount of fabric encroaching on the subject's rear or labia is dependent on the cut and style of the panty; types offering smaller coverage such as cheekies or tangas must fully girls with wedgie between the buttocks while briefs and French-cut can girls with wedgie visible so long as the wedged fabric is also visible.

Regarding how the folders ought to yirls organized, any piece not fitting into a specific folder should be sent to the "Wedgies" folder by default or whichever folder best reflects the image's content by prominence of the wedgie represented i. Pieces containing two types of wedgies of equal prominence should be girls with wedgie to whichever folder has the least amount of works in its gallery. Regardless of type, all comics, animations, and photos of wedgies must be sent withh their specialized folder.

As to preserve our intention to collect as many works of a reasonably high-quality standard as possible, any piece with a poor understanding of girls with wedgie, anatomy, composition or just a general lack of skill or effort will not be accepted into the group at the discretion of the staff.

In cases where a work has been posted across two or more profiles, priority will be given to the submission coming from the original artist's profile.

For similar reasons, there will wedie a limit on variants and alternate versions of drawings outside of extremely rare cases girls with wedgie eliminate redundancies in the gallery.

We do not accept girls with wedgie that feature the elderly nor minors.

We do not accept characters made from bases, templates, pre-programmed assets or photo manipulations. We do not accept any submissions that feature: Please direct works that are blurred, distorted, hidden behind a Patron logo, or otherwise with imperceptible wedgies for the sake of advertisement to the Advertisement folder.

Rules for Etiquette Be polite and show courtesy to other members, and their right to a difference of opinion. Do not harass, stalk, willfully annoy or insult other members, and do girls with wedgie discriminate any person or persons by their race, gender, girls with wedgie orientation, or political or religious leanings. Administrator Andyeah.

Girls-Wedgies | DeviantArt

Latest Gallery Contributors. MasterWedgier 28 Recent Deviations Featured: Hermione Granger.

James-Mizuhara 26 Recent Deviations Featured: Lazy Summer Days. Andyeah 24 Recent Deviations Featured: Bouncing Bottom. Girls with wedgie 18 Recent Deviations Featured: Glory 2 Glory: Fite Night. ASmagni 11 Recent Deviations Featured: