How I nearly bite the dust in Australia almost 7 years ago…

What started as a normal day, ended up on the lifeboat of the coastguard.

It’s been already seven years since I had together with my best friend Andrea a special kind of adventure in Down Under.

It is January 7th, 2009: Andreas’ birthday. We´re working in a hostel in Rainbow Beach on the east coast of Australia. To celebrate Andrea gets a full day off I can at least stay away from work until the evening. Together with our Australian friend Sam we start early in the morning to go fishing. Fishing? Yes, a strange kind of birthday celebrations, but Sam wants to take us, as we both never have been fishing so far. Well and apart from that, Rainbow Beach has not sooo much to offer otherwise.

Rainbow Beach

After a friend has brought us to our starting point, we start walking toward the water, which takes quite a bit as there is low tide right now.

Time goes by very fast – like always when you have lots of fun.

We discover the most interesting creatures, countless crabs and also funny looking fish. Eventually we catch and keep one, which finds its place in our bucket.

Rainbow Beach




We are already out there for a while, when we suddenly realize that it´s already high tide time and we are more or less trapped on the edge of a sandbar in the middle of the ocean. But nothing can take away our good mood. We walk back along a small mangrove forest.

But where’s `back´?


A kind of different adventure in Australia

The sandbar is coming to an end and we are back in the sea. There is nothing to see in distance. Not a single reference point. We continue to walk until we are becoming more aware that we have no idea where we are and where we should go. Fears are increasing as the time progresses.

Small rays everywhere around us.

Sam says, we have to try to drag our feet along the ground to swirl up the sand and rouse the rays.

Rainbow Beach


Of course the Germans have already the purest horror scenarios in mind. All of a sudden we spot a boat near and roar as loud as we can. Although we are convinced they´ve seen and heard us, the fishermen ignore us.

Finally, we reached a spot where we have a network connection and can use our only phone to call for help. Sam tell the police what happened and in which area most likely are. Logically we can´t give them any more detailed information. They say they are going to send someone to search for us. The network gets interrupted again and we walk on trying to find a better connection to call the hostel to give notice.

The sun was already about to set and the panic is gradually raising – also for Sam, the tough Australian girl.

Rainbow Beach

Is Australia going to be our last adventure EVER?

When we suddenly see a light, Andrea pulls out her camera and starts shooting photos. Haha, yes you read correctly – she started taking pictures ;).

She tried to pull the attention on us – with the flash obviously. And, it works! After hours of wandering around in the ocean, we can finally be able to climb on the rescue boat of the Coast Guard and still can´t believe how that day turned out.

Rainbow Beach



Andrea and I will never forget this day – never ever!

Back at the hostel our boss gives us a last thrill moment: `You´ve been really lucky girls, to not come across any sharks.´ Seriously???

By the way: Our fish accompanied us all the way and ended up as dinner for Sam;)

Should I mention that this was my first and LAST time fishing – why do people always they it is relaxing? 😉



  • John Monday October 24th, 2016 at 09:13 PM

    Awesome story 🙂
    Who new a relaxing days fishing could be so dangerous

    Love the blog

    • Ella Tuesday October 25th, 2016 at 09:36 AM

      Thank you so much, John! Means really a lot to me! And hey, who ate the fish???? 😉 All the best for you and your family!


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